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Power Supply, Adapter, Power Adapter manufacturer / supplier in China, offering High Quality DC Power Supply for LED, Camera and Notebook, Professional Supplier for Transformer Core(Ef16.5e, Y30 Permanent Magnet F150*50*25 and so on.

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High Quality DC Power Supply for LED, Camera and Notebook

FOB Price: US $5 / Piece
Min. Order: 100 Pieces
Min. Order FOB Price
100 Pieces US $5/ Piece
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Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Basic Info
  • Usage: Laptop
  • Color: Black
  • Connection: Plug In
  • Output Type: AC
  • Type: OEM
  • AC Line: 1.2m
Product Description

High Quality DC Power Supply for LED, Camera and Notebook
High Quality DC Power Supply for LED, Camera and Notebook
High Quality DC Power Supply for LED, Camera and Notebook
Output Power: 8-60W
Input Voltage: AC100-260V
Input Current: ≤ 300mA
Input Frequency (some): 60Hz
Output Voltage: 4V - 12V ± 2%
Output Current: 0-5A
Working Temperature: - 20oC--50oC -
Relative Humidity: ≤ 90%
Efficiency: ≥ 60%
Ripple & Noise: ≤ 1% (Vout * 1% MAX)
Instruction: This model have OVP, OCP, short circuit and over temperature protection etc.
Cerficates of CCC, CE, UL etc.

We have a professional supply team for Integrated Circuits (IC), FERRITE MAGNET(FERRITE CORE), TUNER(TV TUNER), SPEAKERS(CAR SPEAKERS), LASER LENS(PICK-UP LENS)...And other electronic partes.

We regardswe the quality as our company's life.

Our goal: To do everything perfect.

15WS-15-55V, 0-3A± 2%50mV65%
S-15-1212V, 0-1.3A± 1%50mV68%
S-15-2524V, 0-0.7A± 1%100mV72%

LS-15-55V, 0-3A± 2%50mV76%

25WS-25-55V, 0-5A± 2%50mV72%
S-25-1212V, 0.2.1A± 1%100mV76%
S-25-1515V, 0-1.7A± 1%100mV77%
S-25-2424V, 0-1.1A± 1%100mV80%

NES-25-55V, 0-5A± 2%80mV77%
NES-25-1212V, 0-2.1A± 1%120mV81%
NES-25-1515V, 0-1.7A± 1%150mV83%
NES-25-2424V, 0-1.1A± 1%200mV85%
NES-25-4848V, 0-0.57A± 1%240mV86%

35WS-35-55V, 0-7A± 2%75mV70%
S-35-1212V, 0-3A± 1%100mV76%
S-35-1515V, 0-2.4A± 1%100mV78%
S-35-2424V, 0-1.5A± 1%100mV78%

NES-35-55V, 0-7A± 2%80mV77%
NES-35-1212V, 0-3A± 1%120mV81%
NES-35-1515V, 0-2.4A± 1%150mV83%
NES-35-2424V, 0-1.5A± 1%200mV85%
NES-35-4848V, 0-0.8A± 1%240mV86%

50WS-50-55V, 0-10A± 2%75mV71%
S-50-1212V, 0-4.2A± 1%100mV78%
S-50-1515V, 0-3.4A± 1%100mV78%
S-50-2424V, 0-2.1A± 1%100mV82%

55WS-55-55V, 0-11A± 2%80mV72%
S-55-1212V, 0-4.6A± 1%100mV77%
S-55-1515V, 0-3.7A± 1%100mV79%
S-55-2424V, 0-2.3A± 1%100mV80%
S-55-4848V, 0-1.2A± 1%150mV81%

60WS-60-55V, 0-12A± 2%120mV73%
S-60-1212V, 0-5A± 1%120mV76%
S-60-1515V, 0-4A± 1%150mV77%
S-60-2424V, 0-2.5A± 1%150mV79%

75WS-75-55V, 0-15A± 2%80mV77%
S-75-1212V, 0-6.2A± 1%120mV82%
S-75-1515V, 0-5A± 1%150mV83%
S-75-2424V, 0-3.2A± 1%200mV86%
S-75-4848V, 0-1.6A± 1%240mV87%

100WS-100-55V, 0-20A± 2%100mV78%
S-100-1212V, 0-8.5A± 1%100mV81%
S-100-1515V, 0-4.5A± 1%100mV84%
S-100-2424V, 0-2.0A± 1%100mV84%

S-100F-55V, 0-20A± 2%100mV76%
S-100F-7.57.5V, 0-13.5A± 1%125mV78%
S-100F-1212V, 0-8.5A± 1%125mV80%
S-100F-1515V, 0-6.7A± 1%125mV81%
S-100F-2424V, 0-4.5A± 1%150mV83%
S-100F-4848V, 0-2.2A± 1%150mV84%

120WS-120-55V, 0-20A± 2%75mV78%
S-120-1212V, 0-9A± 1%75mV82%
S-120-1515V, 0-7A± 1%100mV82%
S-120-2424V, 0-5A± 1%100mV83%
S-120-4848V, 0-2.2A± 1%150mV84%

145WS-145-55V, 0-25A± 2%100mV78%
S-145-7.57.5V, 0-18A± 1%120mV80%
S-145-1212V, 0-12A± 1%120mV80%
S-145-1515V, 0-9.6A± 1%120mV81%
S-145-2424V, 0-6A± 1%150mV83%
S-145-4848V, 0-3A± 1%240mV83.5%

150WS-150-55V, 0-30A± 2%150mV78%
S-150-7.57.5V, 0-20A± 1%150mV80%
S-150-99V, 0-16.7A± 1%180mV80%
S-150-1212V, 0-12.5A± 1%180mV82%
S-150-13.513.5V, 0-11.2A± 1%180mV83%
S-150-1515V, 0-10A± 1%180mV84.0%
S-150-2424V, 0-6.5A± 1%240mV85.0%
S-150-2727V, 0-5.6A± 1%240mV86.0%
S-150-4848V, 0-3.2A± 1%240mV87.0%

AD-155B27.6V, 0-5.5A± 1%150mV84%

27.1V, 0-0.5A

200WS-200-55V, 0-40A± 0.5%150mV78%
S-200-1212V, 0-16.7A± 0.5%150mV80%
S-200-2424V, 0-8.3A± 0.5%120mV83%
S-200-4848V, 0-4.2A± 0.5%100mV86%

201WS-201-55V, 0-40A± 2%150mV74%
S-201-7.57.5V, 0-26.5A± 2%150mV79%
S-201-1212V, 0-16.5A± 1%150mV80%
S-201-13.513.5V, 0-14.7A± 1%150mV80%
S-201-1515V, 0-13A± 1%150mV81%
S-201-2424V, 0-8.3A± 1%150mV83.0%
S-201-2727V, 0-7.4A± 1%200mV83.0%
S-201-4848V, 0-4.2A± 1%200mV84.0%

240WS-240-55V, 0-40A± 2%150mV78%
S-240-7.57.5V, 0-30A± 2%200mV80%
S-240-1212V, 0-18A± 1%150mV82%
S-240-1515V, 0-15A± 1%150mV83%
S-240-2424V, 0-10A± 1%180mV84%
S-240-3030V, 0-8A± 1%180mV85%
S-240-4848V, 0-5A± 1%240mV87%

250WS-250-55V, 0-40A± 0.5%100mV78%
S-250-7.57.5V, 0-26.5A± 0.5%100mV79%
S-250-99V, 0-22A± 0.5%100mV80%
S-250-1212V, 0-16.7A± 0.5%100mV82%
S-250-2424V, 0-10A± 0.5%120mV83%
S-250-4848V, 0-5A± 0.5%150mV86%

300WS-300-55V, 0-60A± 0.5%100mV76%
S-300-1212V, 0-25A± 0.5%120mV83%
S-300-2424V, 0-12.5A± 0.5%120mV85%
S-300-4848V, 0-6.3A± 0.5%150mV86%

320WS-320-55V, 0-50A± 2%150mV77%
S-320-7.57.5V, 0-36A± 2%150mV80%
S-320-1212V, 0-25A± 1%150mV82%
S-320-13.513.5V, 0-22A± 1%150mV83%
S-320-1515V, 0-20A± 1%150mV84%
S-320-2424V, 0-12.5A± 1%150mV86%
S-320-2727V, 0-11A± 1%200mV86%
S-320-4848V, 0-6.5A± 1%240mV87%

320WS-320-55V, 0-60A± 2%150mV79%
S-320-7.57.5V, 0-40A± 2%150mV83%
S-320-1212V, 0-25A± 1%150mV86%
S-320-13.513.5V, 0-22A± 1%150mV86%
S-320-1515V, 0-20A± 1%150mV86%
S-320-2424V, 0-13.5A± 1%150mV87%
S-320-2727V, 0-11.7A± 1%200mV88%
S-320-4848V, 0-6.7A± 1%240mV89%

350WS-350-55V, 0-50A± 2%150mV73%
S-350-7.57.5V, 0-40A± 2%150mV76%
S-350-1212V, 0-29A± 1%150mV74%
S-350-13.513.5V, 0-25.8A± 1%150mV79%
S-350-1515V, 0-23.2A± 1%150mV78%
S-350-2424V, 0-14.6A± 1%150mV81%
S-350-2727V, 0-13A± 1%200mV82%
S-350-4848V, 0-7.3A± 1%240mV83%

500WS-500-125V, 0-40A± 1%240mV84%
S-500-13.57.5V, 0-36A± 1%240mV84%
S-500-159V, 0-32A± 1%240mV83%
S-500-2412V, 0-20A± 1%240mV86%
S-500-2724V, 0-18A± 1%240mV87%
S-500-4848V, 0-10A± 1%240mV87%

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