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15W-500W DC Power Supply

FOB Price: US $10 / Piece
Min. Order: 100 Pieces
Min. Order FOB Price
100 Pieces US $10/ Piece
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Port: Shanghai, China
Transport Package: Cartons
Payment Terms: T/T
Basic Info
  • Model NO.: 15W-500W Power Supply
  • Output Type: DC
  • Origin: China
  • Usage: Laptop, Digital Camera, Display
  • Connection: Plug In
  • HS Code: 8529
Product Description
15W-500W DC Power Supply

Output Power: 8-60W
Input Voltage: AC100-260V
Input Current: ≤ 300mA
Input Frequency (some): 60Hz
Output Voltage: 4V - 12V ± 2%
Output Current: 0-5A
Working Temperature: - 20oC--50oC -
Relative Humidity: ≤ 90%
Efficiency: ≥ 60%
Ripple & Noise: ≤ 1% (Vout * 1% MAX)
Instruction: This model have OVP, OCP, short circuit and over temperature protection etc.
Cerficates of CCC, CE, UL etc.

We have a professional supply team for Integrated Circuits (IC), FERRITE MAGNET(FERRITE CORE), TUNER(TV TUNER), SPEAKERS(CAR SPEAKERS), LASER LENS(PICK-UP LENS)...And other electronic partes.

We regardswe the quality as our company's life.

Our goal: To do everything perfect.
15WS-15-55V, 0-3A± 2%50mV65%
S-15-1212V, 0-1.3A± 1%50mV68%
S-15-2524V, 0-0.7A± 1%100mV72%
LS-15-55V, 0-3A± 2%50mV76%
25WS-25-55V, 0-5A± 2%50mV72%
S-25-1212V, 0.2.1A± 1%100mV76%
S-25-1515V, 0-1.7A± 1%100mV77%
S-25-2424V, 0-1.1A± 1%100mV80%
NES-25-55V, 0-5A± 2%80mV77%
NES-25-1212V, 0-2.1A± 1%120mV81%
NES-25-1515V, 0-1.7A± 1%150mV83%
NES-25-2424V, 0-1.1A± 1%200mV85%
NES-25-4848V, 0-0.57A± 1%240mV86%
35WS-35-55V, 0-7A± 2%75mV70%
S-35-1212V, 0-3A± 1%100mV76%
S-35-1515V, 0-2.4A± 1%100mV78%
S-35-2424V, 0-1.5A± 1%100mV78%
NES-35-55V, 0-7A± 2%80mV77%
NES-35-1212V, 0-3A± 1%120mV81%
NES-35-1515V, 0-2.4A± 1%150mV83%
NES-35-2424V, 0-1.5A± 1%200mV85%
NES-35-4848V, 0-0.8A± 1%240mV86%
50WS-50-55V, 0-10A± 2%75mV71%
S-50-1212V, 0-4.2A± 1%100mV78%
S-50-1515V, 0-3.4A± 1%100mV78%
S-50-2424V, 0-2.1A± 1%100mV82%
55WS-55-55V, 0-11A± 2%80mV72%
S-55-1212V, 0-4.6A± 1%100mV77%
S-55-1515V, 0-3.7A± 1%100mV79%
S-55-2424V, 0-2.3A± 1%100mV80%
S-55-4848V, 0-1.2A± 1%150mV81%
60WS-60-55V, 0-12A± 2%120mV73%
S-60-1212V, 0-5A± 1%120mV76%
S-60-1515V, 0-4A± 1%150mV77%
S-60-2424V, 0-2.5A± 1%150mV79%
75WS-75-55V, 0-15A± 2%80mV77%
S-75-1212V, 0-6.2A± 1%120mV82%
S-75-1515V, 0-5A± 1%150mV83%
S-75-2424V, 0-3.2A± 1%200mV86%
S-75-4848V, 0-1.6A± 1%240mV87%
100WS-100-55V, 0-20A± 2%100mV78%
S-100-1212V, 0-8.5A± 1%100mV81%
S-100-1515V, 0-4.5A± 1%100mV84%
S-100-2424V, 0-2.0A± 1%100mV84%
S-100F-55V, 0-20A± 2%100mV76%
S-100F-7.57.5V, 0-13.5A± 1%125mV78%
S-100F-1212V, 0-8.5A± 1%125mV80%
S-100F-1515V, 0-6.7A± 1%125mV81%
S-100F-2424V, 0-4.5A± 1%150mV83%
S-100F-4848V, 0-2.2A± 1%150mV84%
120WS-120-55V, 0-20A± 2%75mV78%
S-120-1212V, 0-9A± 1%75mV82%
S-120-1515V, 0-7A± 1%100mV82%
S-120-2424V, 0-5A± 1%100mV83%
S-120-4848V, 0-2.2A± 1%150mV84%
145WS-145-55V, 0-25A± 2%100mV78%
S-145-7.57.5V, 0-18A± 1%120mV80%
S-145-1212V, 0-12A± 1%120mV80%
S-145-1515V, 0-9.6A± 1%120mV81%
S-145-2424V, 0-6A± 1%150mV83%
S-145-4848V, 0-3A± 1%240mV83.5%
150WS-150-55V, 0-30A± 2%150mV78%
S-150-7.57.5V, 0-20A± 1%150mV80%
S-150-99V, 0-16.7A± 1%180mV80%
S-150-1212V, 0-12.5A± 1%180mV82%
S-150-13.513.5V, 0-11.2A± 1%180mV83%
S-150-1515V, 0-10A± 1%180mV84.0%
S-150-2424V, 0-6.5A± 1%240mV85.0%
S-150-2727V, 0-5.6A± 1%240mV86.0%
S-150-4848V, 0-3.2A± 1%240mV87.0%
 AD-155B27.6V, 0-5.5A± 1%150mV84%
 27.1V, 0-0.5A
200WS-200-55V, 0-40A± 0.5%150mV78%
S-200-1212V, 0-16.7A± 0.5%150mV80%
S-200-2424V, 0-8.3A± 0.5%120mV83%
S-200-4848V, 0-4.2A± 0.5%100mV86%
201WS-201-55V, 0-40A± 2%150mV74%
S-201-7.57.5V, 0-26.5A± 2%150mV79%
S-201-1212V, 0-16.5A± 1%150mV80%
S-201-13.513.5V, 0-14.7A± 1%150mV80%
S-201-1515V, 0-13A± 1%150mV81%
S-201-2424V, 0-8.3A± 1%150mV83.0%
S-201-2727V, 0-7.4A± 1%200mV83.0%
S-201-4848V, 0-4.2A± 1%200mV84.0%
240WS-240-55V, 0-40A± 2%150mV78%
S-240-7.57.5V, 0-30A± 2%200mV80%
S-240-1212V, 0-18A± 1%150mV82%
S-240-1515V, 0-15A± 1%150mV83%
S-240-2424V, 0-10A± 1%180mV84%
S-240-3030V, 0-8A± 1%180mV85%
S-240-4848V, 0-5A± 1%240mV87%
250WS-250-55V, 0-40A± 0.5%100mV78%
S-250-7.57.5V, 0-26.5A± 0.5%100mV79%
S-250-99V, 0-22A± 0.5%100mV80%
S-250-1212V, 0-16.7A± 0.5%100mV82%
S-250-2424V, 0-10A± 0.5%120mV83%
S-250-4848V, 0-5A± 0.5%150mV86%
300WS-300-55V, 0-60A± 0.5%100mV76%
S-300-1212V, 0-25A± 0.5%120mV83%
S-300-2424V, 0-12.5A± 0.5%120mV85%
S-300-4848V, 0-6.3A± 0.5%150mV86%
320WS-320-55V, 0-50A± 2%150mV77%
S-320-7.57.5V, 0-36A± 2%150mV80%
S-320-1212V, 0-25A± 1%150mV82%
S-320-13.513.5V, 0-22A± 1%150mV83%
S-320-1515V, 0-20A± 1%150mV84%
S-320-2424V, 0-12.5A± 1%150mV86%
S-320-2727V, 0-11A± 1%200mV86%
S-320-4848V, 0-6.5A± 1%240mV87%
320WS-320-55V, 0-60A± 2%150mV79%
S-320-7.57.5V, 0-40A± 2%150mV83%
S-320-1212V, 0-25A± 1%150mV86%
S-320-13.513.5V, 0-22A± 1%150mV86%
S-320-1515V, 0-20A± 1%150mV86%
S-320-2424V, 0-13.5A± 1%150mV87%
S-320-2727V, 0-11.7A± 1%200mV88%
S-320-4848V, 0-6.7A± 1%240mV89%
350WS-350-55V, 0-50A± 2%150mV73%
S-350-7.57.5V, 0-40A± 2%150mV76%
S-350-1212V, 0-29A± 1%150mV74%
S-350-13.513.5V, 0-25.8A± 1%150mV79%
S-350-1515V, 0-23.2A± 1%150mV78%
S-350-2424V, 0-14.6A± 1%150mV81%
S-350-2727V, 0-13A± 1%200mV82%
S-350-4848V, 0-7.3A± 1%240mV83%
500WS-500-125V, 0-40A± 1%240mV84%
S-500-13.57.5V, 0-36A± 1%240mV84%
S-500-159V, 0-32A± 1%240mV83%
S-500-2412V, 0-20A± 1%240mV86%
S-500-2724V, 0-18A± 1%240mV87%
S-500-4848V, 0-10A± 1%240mV87%
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